Each search project is unique: our approach consists of putting in evidence its peculiar aspects to convert them into an effective strategy. Search of executives and managers are exclusively led by our headhunting process.

We identify the right candidate through direct and proactive search, assess candidate’s skills, experiences and approach through structured interview process and help customers in collecting references. Each search is monitored with specific progress reports in order to evaluate the project progression.

Our approach allows us to find leaders who have skills, experience, and cultural fit necessary to succeed in the organizational structure.


We understand client organizational culture

We always act as if we were part of the business and the organization of our customers and we understand the intimate essence of its corporate culture. That’s why we can identify who better fits with its workplace. In the identification of candidates, we have a structured process, but we always add a little bit of creativity.

Candidate engagement

In order to attract candidates in a more effective way, we constantly engage with them, especially before and after each recruitment step. This method requires time and dedication but also has a positive impact on the successful outcome of the projects.

Result orientation approach

We collaborate with our customers with a strong business partnering approach in order to enhance their goals in a long-term perspective. We combine dedication and perseverance to always find the best possible solution to each organizational need.