Customized mapping in order to better understand the characteristics of available resources on offer according to relevant market and/or functional areas.


  • Definition of targeted reference companies according to size, turnover, and offering.
  • Identification of resources or roles according to market and/or functional areas.
  • Quantity & Quality analysis vs. role, position, and compensation range.


For companies interested in continuous improvement of their own organization or willing to implement new areas or business strategies growth.


  • Comparison between the different organizational models used by companies operating in a specific target market, through detailed organizational and functional area charts.
  • Analysis of the organization model.
  • Identification of the main distinctive aspects.


Continuous monitoring of key resources employed in a given market or functional area, with the aim to respond to future potential needs of quick and effective positioning.


  • Identification of key resources with role, position and compensation analysis.
  • Benchmarking of desired key roles and market standards.
  • Continuous update on talent market.